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Eastern Vitality Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

Website:   Email:

        Phone: 03 94584887/ 0439880092

        Address: 64 Mount Street, Heidelberg VIC 3084

Eastern Vitality is an Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine practice that specialises in pregnancy care, fertility and labour induction. We come highly recommended by midwives all over the Eastern suburbs in Victoria, caring for the health and well-being of pregnant women, and naturally inducing pregnant women one at a time. If Chris is not helping pregnant women feel better, he would be helping professional athletes feel better as the team Acupuncturist of the Melbourne Rebels Rugby Club.

Current Hours of operation: Monday-Saturday 9-6pm, after hours by appointment only.

Bassinet Hire




Hospital Bassinet Hire

Phone: 0402271751 Website:

We specialise in the short term hire of hospital style bassinets to meet the requirements of new parents. Our bassinets, as used by many maternity units in Australian hospitals, are the ideal first bed, bath and change table for your newborn. Our multi function bassinets are a safe, cost effective, mobile and hygienic solution for your newborn.

Fantastic service, pristine condition! It was great to be able to see my babies (twins) through the side from across the room, rather than having to stand over the bassinet to check on them. Highly recommended!.

The transition from hospital to home was made easier with the knowledge that my baby was to sleep in the same style see through bassinet bed once home- it could be positioned right next to me, wheeled around and doubled as a change table. Thoroughly recommended!

Belly Casting


Belly casting pic

Bella Belly Designs

Being pregnant is such an amazing time. The changes you go through in your heart, mind and   body. The morning sickness/ headaches.

Seeing your baby grow and move through your belly, hearing their heartbeat during the ultrasounds…

It is all amazing.

Well worth having something to remember it by.

Pregnant belly casts are best done between 34-38 weeks. It is a simple and pain free way of capturing the shape of your bump for years of treasuring to come.

We also offer gift vouchers for that special friend or family member.

See images of our belly casts on our bella belly designs Facebook page.

Phone 0421 351583 for all enquiries and bookings.

Located in Eltham, Victoria 3095

Breast Pump Hire



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Premium Breast Pump Hire

Premium Breast Pump Hire is a professional rental service located in Croydon VIC. It is owned and operated by a registered midwife who has over 7 years’ experience in assisting women to breastfeed and express breast milk. We recognise that breast milk contains all the nutrients that a baby needs during the first 6 months of life; and believe that all babies would benefit from being given breast milk, along with other foods, up to the age of two and beyond.


Generally, breastfeeding is the most convenient way to provide your baby with breast milk. However, there are many reasons why a mother may not be able to do this. For these women, having access to a professional hospital grade electric breast pump is vital. Premium Breast Pump Hire has three different breast pumps available to mothers for either SHORT (minimum of 7 days) or LONG term hire.


Contact: Jo Fullerton
Hours of operation: Monday to Sunday 8.00am-5.00pm (closed on public holidays)
Phone: 0490 061 217



 Celebrant Your Day

A celebrant should always respect, reflect and appreciate your very own individual wishes for how your special baby naming day should be. You are the parents after all! I can assist with poems, readings, format and basically anything you desire. I can style your baby naming day ceremony according to your wishes with a professional etiquette, total interaction but with a sense of humour too.  Children don’t always conform to ceremonies…..

YOU tell me want you want – I’m just going with the flow for your lovely day.

Your children and your  family all share this day – let’s make it memorable for all of you, as the more love our children receive, the more love will be returned to you all. Grandparents, honorary godparents and carers – you all deserve medals.

The joy of the happy birth of your child has begun or maybe even completed your family. Make it memorable.

I have 4 dearly loved grandchildren within a happy family structure, so appreciate the value of guidance, nurturing and growth.

Allow me to enjoy that naming day with you too.

Sharon Park

0407 525 056 / 9435 2214 /

Civil Celebrant – Celebrant the Day





Health First Chiropractic

Dr Angela Kopp- Chiropractor 253 Waterdale Road, Ivanhoe, Vic, 3079

Phone: 03 9499 3382 Website:

Pregnancy and Pediatric care, ADHD, Allergies, Asthma, Auto-accidents, Back Pain, Bedwetting, Carpal tunnel, Colic, Ear infections, fibromyalgia, Frozen Shoulder, Headaches, Hormonal imbalance, Infertility Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Pinched nerve, Planter Fasciitis, PMS, Sciatica, Slipped Disc, Shoulder Pain, Stress, Tennis Elbow, Whiplash, Wellness and Many more.

Current Hours of operation: Monday 4-7pm, Wednesday 8.30-11 am and 4-7 pm, Thursday 4-7 pm and Saturday 9-11am

First Aid:

kidzaid pic

KidzAid Paediatric First Aid Training

Would you know what to do if your baby or child was seriously ill or injured?

KidzAid – proudly brought to you by critical care nurses straight from the emergency departments, paediatric wards and intensive care units of some of Melbourne’s biggest public teaching hospitals.

KidzAid offer a variety of paediatric first aid courses. Our popular short courses have been specifically designed for parents, expecting parents, grandparents, family members, teachers and anyone responsible for the care and safety of babies and young children.

We are a mobile service, offering sessions in the privacy of your own home, or community venues – 24/7.

Learn life saving skills with KidzAid.  Knowledge = Power!!

Check website for workshop details.

Contact: or 0468 316 911









Website: Email:

Phone: 1300 mishfit (1300 647 4348) Mobile: 0468 663 551

Mishfit philosophy mishfit is a personal training service that educates and provides safe exercise care to women who are pregnant or post-natal. mishfit warmly welcomes all who don’t enjoy the gym environment, and supports those who are struggling with their weight loss goals. mishfit caters specifically to women with pelvic instability, pelvic floor issues, diastasis (DRAM) and prolapses. We offer several training options for pregnant and post-natal women: mishfit mothers and one on one or buddy personal training. Thea Terry pregnant & post-natal exercise specialist.


Grief and Loss


Sands Logo





Phone: 1300 0 SANDS (1300 072 637) Email:

“Sands aims to facilitate healthy grieving following the death of a baby through

miscarriage, stillbirth, newborn death or termination.  We do this by providing

quality support and information to parents and their




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Birth From Within

Phone: 0490061217 Website:

Birth from Within offers HypnoBirthing childbirth education classes. These are held in a peaceful location in Croydon, VIC.

HypnoBirthing is ideal for couples who are fearful or anxious about childbirth, or those who have had a previous negative birth experience.

 In the classes, you will:

– develop full confidence in your body’s ability to birth your baby

– learn how fear affects the uterus and causes tension and pain during labour

– learn and practice valuable techniques such as instant and deep relaxation, self hypnosis, visualisation, affirmations and special breathing techniques

– practice positions you can adopt during labour and birthing

– learn ways in which your partner or support person can support you during labour

 Each HypnoBirthing class runs for 5 x 2.5hr sessions. These are generally held on a Monday night from 7-9.30pm, but alternate days/times can be arranged in advance.


$450 for a small group class (max. 2 couples)

$600 for a private class in Croydon (additional costs for a private class at your preferred location)

 Cost includes

– 12.5 hrs of classes

– HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method textbook

– 2 audio CDS for daily practice – affirmations, rainbow relaxation, pre-birth bonding

– folder of handouts – birth preferences, prompts for birth companions, hypnosis scripts, relaxation scripts

– phone and email support

– additional ‘fear release’ or ‘breech turn’ script if required.

Generally, the pregnant woman’s partner, or main labour support person, attends the class with her. One additional support person may be accommodated depending on the size of the class.



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About Face, skin and body beauty therapy

‘Providing safe Beauty & Massage Treatments through pregnancy’


Rebecca Murray



Mobile: 0421278883  Address: 16 Bennison St, Croydon Vic 3136

Massage when you’re pregnant can be a wonderful way to ease an aching body and relax. It can also pep up your mood and get those feel-good, pain relieving endorphins flowing around your body, leaving you relaxed and refreshed. A facial treatment with beautiful massage elements is a nice alternative to a full body massage, where precautions are suggested in the first trimester. Waxing, manicures, pedicures are safe to continue throughout your whole pregnancy. There’s no need to stop enjoying the treatments you loved before being pregnant. Please see the website for full treatment descriptions, there is a special tab just for prenatal care.

Hours of operation: Saturday 10am-8pm, Sunday 10am-8pm, Monday closed, Tuesday closed, Wednesday 10am-8pm, Thursday 10am-8pm, Friday 10am-8pm








Massage Valley Ranges

Phone: 0407 511 027 Website:

Massage in the Valley & Ranges provides a team of professional and experienced therapists for massage as well as beauty services either at our home studio in Lilydale or to mobile clients at their home or holiday location. We cover the Yarra Valley, Dandenong Ranges and the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. We provide everything required for absolute pampering!

Some popular services other than massage, are our Nugari Revival Package as well as our Tempting Trio which are outlined on our website Facials, manicures and pedicures are also so beneficial using products free from any potentially harmful ingredients. We also have a range of non toxic personal care products suitable for mum and bub alike.


Massage 60 min $85

Nugari 130 min $195

Temp Trio 90 min $150

Manicure 45 min $75

Pedicure 60 min $90

Available 7 days 9am – 8pm






Anne Digby Health

Phone: (03) 9722 2401 Website:

Addresss: 96 Jumping Creek Road, Wonga Park VIC 3115

Anne Digby is a highly qualified and experienced Naturopath, Herbalist, Midwife and Specialist in Women’s Health. Many of Melbourne’s leading gynaecologists refer their patients to her for natural therapy to assist with fertility, IVF, hormone balance, PCOS and endometriosis.

Anne Digby is an industry leader and expert in natural medicine and Women’s Health. She is dedicated to improving the health and fertility of women and couples, not only in Australia but worldwide. She has been providing treatment and advice to couples with fertility issues since the early 1990s and has thousands of success stories. Many beautiful, healthy babies have been born as a result of Anne’s herbal and nutritional treatments





Croydon Osteopathy

Address: 272 Mount Dandenong Road Croydon 3136

Email: Website:

Phone: 03 9725 1488 Fax: 03 9725 1828

Osteopathy and Babies Cranial Osteopathy is a gentle, non manipulative Osteopathic technique especially suitable for treatment of newborn babies and toddlers. Treatment allows the baby to function and develop without restriction, in a balanced and happy manner. During labour, contractile stress is applied as the baby progresses normally through the birth canal. Strain patterns may occur, especially if there has been a difficult delivery, assisted delivery (forceps) or a breech delivery. Soft tissue tension and restriction in the cranial bones, neck and upper back may result. Treatment aims to release this tension and restriction and stimulate the babies’ inherent self healing mechanisms. Osteopathic treatment can help to prevent chronic problems developing later in life, allowing your child to achieve optimal health. Osteopathy and Pregnancy and birth places stress on a women’s body, stretching ligaments and joints. Treatment by an osteopath can help restore the body’s balance, removing tension and helping prevent or manage a wide range of pre and post natal conditions. Common conditions treated by osteopaths include coccyx and sacroiliac joint pain, pubic symphysis joint pain, back pain from carrying heavy loads like capsules and prams and neck & shoulder pain resulting from incorrect posture during breastfeeding.

Current Hours of operation: Mon 8:30 – 5:45 Tuesday 8:30 – 5:45 Wed 8:30 – 5:45 Thursday 8:30 – 7:15 Friday 8:30 – 7:15 Sat 8:00 – 12:45



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Lise Brown: Physiotherapy for Women

Address: 5 Barina av, Mooroolbark, VIC 3138

Email: Website:

I’m a holistic physiotherapist who likes treating the body as a whole. I have been specialized in treating women during their pregnancy and their recovery period after birth for over 8 years. Having done my studies and extended training both in France and Australia, I combine both countries’ approach to my treatment whilst adding a yoga influence.

I believe pregnancy is a chance a woman gets in her life to discover her body and learn how to protect it. My aim is to make this journey as smooth as possible for Mum and her baby. Therefore, I offer treatment that addresses dysfunctions occurring during pregnancy such as:

Pelvic girdle pain, back pain, diastasis recti management (separation on abdominal muscles), digestion difficulties, carpal tunnel syndrome as well as pelvic floor assessment and more.

I also offer a prevention program and education sessions (see my website for more information).

I believe the after birth period is a time when a mother turns a new page and makes a new start. My treatment and my prevention program continue during the post natal period – including similar conditions as during pregnancy but also encompass incontinence and prolapse issues.

I also treat women in general (non-birth-related) who have chronic conditions using the same holistic approach.

Postnatal Services


Happy Baby logo


Happy Baby Happy Mum

Phone: 0403 436 414 Website:

Happy Baby Happy Mum Postnatal Services specialises in support, guidance and assistance in      sleep/settling, breastfeeding/feeding and all general infant care in the comfort of your own home.  It is owned and operated by a qualified and registered maternal and child health nurse, registered midwife who has over 19 years combined professional experience.  A home visit enables certain techniques to be shown which will help guide you when you are caring for your baby.  A personalised step by step approach will be supplied and age appropriate routines/patterns and hands on practical demonstrations will be provided.

Happy Baby Happy Mum Postnatal Services understands that whether it’s your first or forth baby, every baby is different.  Don’t delay seeking help or support.  It may only take one suggestion or one tiny bit of advice that makes the biggest difference. So whether you are needing help with your baby’s sleep, feeding and/or behaviour, Wendy is here to help!

Contact:  Wendy Coulson

Hours of Operation:  24 hours a day, 7 days a week




Vitalchi Wellness Centre


Phone: 03 9894 0014 Address: 6 Main Street Blackburn VIC, 3130

Pregnancy Massage

• Alleviates fluid retention

• Reduce swelling of the limbs

• Dissolve heavy feelings in the legs

• Help with digestive disorders and reflux

• Prevent or reduce stretch marks

• Preparation for delivery

• General fatigue and tension

• Reduce Anxiety

• Stimulate and Improve circulation

Chiropractic for Babies – treating

• sleeping difficulties

• feeding difficulties

• breathing weakness

• mood irritability

• digestive disorders

• altered or decreased immune function (e.g recurrent ear or sinus infections)

• neurological impairments

Natural Fertility Management

• Supporting natural conception

Nutritional Support

• Pre, During & Post Pregnancy

Current Hours of operation: Monday 10 am til 6 pm, Tuesday 10 am til 7 pm, Wednesday 10 am til 7 pm, Thursday 10 am til 7 pm, Friday 10 am til 6 pm

Saturday 9 am til 2 pm.













Larissa yoga

















Ulysses yoga

Karen Buckland Yoga

Website: Email:

* My classes are limited to 4 to 6 students

* You do not have to be flexible to begin

* There is no such thing as a perfect pose

* I endeavour to create a comfortable and secure space

* You will always be encouraged to listen to your own body and rest if you need to.

* Class always finishes with blissful relaxation

Class Schedule:

Monday 7.45pm

Tuesday 7.45pm

Thursday 9.30am

Prenatal Yoga – Monday 10am and Wednesday 7.45pm

Larissa Haramis ~ Personalised Yoga & Meditation

Enjoy you pregnancy.

This weekly yoga class helps you have a healthier, happier and more comfortable pregnancy.

Strengthen, stretch and support your body to cope with the physical and emotional demands of pregnancy and child birth.

Get ready for something wonderful.

Prepare your body and mind for child birth with meditation and visualisation so that you can more effectively manage anxiety, pain and discomfort leading up to and during child birth and approach this special time with confidence and ease.

Prenatal Yoga Classes with Larissa Haramis are held on Saturdays 8:45-10am and 10:15-11:30 at Pelvic Strength Physiotherapy Croydon, 293 Dorset Rd. Croydon. Classes are weekly and ongoing. Five class Pass $120. Limit 7 students per class – book now to reserve your place. Visit website or call for more info.

Website: Phone: 0466522150

Larissa is a registered Yoga Australia senior level yoga teacher. She has taught for over 15 years, and has specialised training in Prenatal and postnatal yoga teaching. She is a mother of two beautiful boys.

Ulysses Natural Healing

A beautiful place to experience yoga and meditation in the comfort of a modern, contemporary studio in the quiet back road of Wonga Park.

At Ulysses Natural Healing Centre we follow the Hatha Yoga Style. Our focus is on postures, breathing techniques, visualisations, relaxation and meditation for women, men, teens, prenatal and post natal to help you on your journey to relaxation and well being.

Are small (8-10) for your individual needs and attention. BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL.
GO To:





To have your pregnancy related business, that is located in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs included in our Breith Recommends directory, please contact Jennifer via our CONTACT US page.