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  • Are you looking for ways to have a positive birth experience?

  • Do you perhaps fear giving birth?

  • Are you finding it hard to move beyond the “Doulas are for hippies” stigma?

Well let me clear that up for you.

Hi, I’m Jennifer, I’m a Doula (aka birth support worker) with Doulas of Melbourne’s East. I don’t fit in any box.. I am a loud music listening, tea drinking, science nerdy, artistic, knowledge sponge. In a former life I Jen closeup croppedwas a dispensary technician at a chemist. So I also know drugs and can translate hospital speak.. I have 5 headstrong creative children that I love with all of my heart, and a gorgeous husband that gladly supports me as I take off to births at sometimes awkward moments. Each of my children’s births was different and along with the training I have completed and the births I have attended since 1997 I can offer you the support that will guide you towards the birth that you desire.. Regardless of what kind of birth it is that you are dreaming of I can help you achieve that. From hospital birth, scheduled csection to home births I will happily support whatever option your heart desires.


“My services help to simplify the entire child birth experience by providing support, guidance and knowledge to both you and your partner when you need it most.”


During your pregnancy I will happily meet both with you and with you and your partner several times at either your home, or a place suggested by yourself, to go over what your specific desires for your birthing experience may be. It is truly important to me to have your partner more involved in the entire birthing process, and contributing their feelings during prenatal visits to me is essential. During visits we can all discuss any concerns you Jen with Bekmay have and I can offer practical solutions that you may choose for them. This will help to ensure that we build a caring and trusting relationship for the months ahead. I am then on call 24 hours a day for 3 weeks before to whenever you birth after your EDD. If you birth outside this period I will still be available for you. After the birth I will stay until you feel comfortable for me to leave, then visit from 2-4 times postnatally or more depending on which package you choose and what you deem necessary. I am also available for phone and Jen at birthemail support 24/7.


My aim is for every woman and family to achieve the birth experience they desire regardless of what they desire and where. Doulas of Melbourne’s east support is suitable for crunchy to mainstream and everything in between. At D.O.M.E we offer discounts for Health Care Card holders, clients who are struggling financially, second timers and those within a 10km radius of Mooroolbark. I am really looking forward to meeting you and your partner and sharing with you the knowledge I have learnt in both study and practical experience. For details on my packages and prices CONTACT US

In early 2015 I became so booked out with birth clients that I made the decision to take on a permanent ‘Back up Doula’. That’s where Em Jones comes in. Em is also located in the Eastern suburbs so sits quite well under the Doulas of Melbourne’s East title. Although she still has her business independent of D.O.M.E we are separate entities that work well in conjunction with each other, and not a Doula company where you don’t know who’ll you’ll get. Em is in place for any unforseen event like illness, injury and any thing else that may cause me to be completely incapacitated. That way you are guaranteed to have Doulas of Melbourne’s East’s high standard of support on the day you birth. This also provides me with the opportunity to book more clients per month.. Win win!

nyabs_logo_transparent_cmykAlthough I have NEVER had to use my back up as I have made every birth in the past 5 years as every birth is sooo important to me.

Here’s a little about Em..

I’ve been a Doula now for five years.
I’m also a mum of 3 beautiful children.  I’ve always had an interest in childbirth and women.  There are many reasons why I became a Doula, but I think the stand-out reason was to just be there; to be by someone’s side and fully support them, nurture them, empower them and really understand what they need. Being a Doula is my passion!


So why not take advantage of my no obligation, FREE initial interview and decide for yourself if my support is right for you. Simply contact me either by phone or through the CONTACT US page to arrange an appointment

*All D.O.M.E services are very reasonably priced with discounts for HCC holders, second timers and clients within 10km of Mooroolbark. Payment plans can also be arranged to suit any budget.*

J.McCartin (Certified birth/postnatal D.O.M.E Doula)


I highly recommend Jen’s services. I was fearful about my birth until I met Jen. She showed me that the birthing experience is natural, calming and beautiful. Her support during birthing was excellent, from foot massage, relaxing music, position advice and calming words. I look forward to my next birth experience with Jen! ~Melanie. S.

From the minute I met Jen I knew I had made the right choice. Having never used a Doula, I wasn’t sure what was involved but Jen was so supportive and helped me overcome the fear and anxiety I had from my first birth which had a lot of intervention. Without her care and support I would not have been able to have the wonderful birth experience that I had this time around. Being a Doula comes natural to Jen and I recommend her to everyone. ~Kellie. D

Jen is the support I needed and I would recommend her services to anyone feeling anxious or if you’ve had a bad experience during pregnancy and/or birth. Jen is very knowledgeable and supplies fantastic resources to help inform you of any decision you choose to make. I found Jen to always be 10 steps ahead of me when it came to planning and assistance and because of that I was able to birth my way and achieve a VBAC.   ~Liz. K

Thank you for making Charlie’s birth so special. From our first meeting any fears or apprehensions I had, dissolved away. You gave me confidence and helped put my mind at ease. Your unconditional support and reliability was truly inspirational. You are a wealth of knowledge about birth and birthing women. I wouldn’t give birth again without you! ~Michelle. J