Childbirth Education for men, run by men..


The reason..


Trent for Dads In 2006 my first experience with birth came with a beautiful bundle of joy and a rude awakening. I had always thought, and had been led to believe, that men were just bystanders in the whole process and that my role was to just hold my wife’s hand while she laboured away and brought forth a child. It wasn’t until I was in the thick of things that I realised that “Manning up” was absolutely not what was needed here.. Or anywhere in the whole fatherhood concept really. As it happens my first birth experience was a baptism of fire, not only was it new and scary and a place where I was made to feel redundant, but it was also where I almost became a single Dad with the very near loss of my wife. My fatherhood journey began with a nasty case of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and PND (Postnatal Depression). It made having more children like a bridge that I never wanted to walk again.Arm on Kyle Fast forward to now and I have walked that bridge another three times and am the proud father of 5 all together including my step son. I have gained so much knowledge over those years, and also from my wife who is a Doula (birth support worker), that I feel it is my calling to help prevent what I went through happening to any other Dads.


That’s where Dads@Birth classes come in…


The Class..


Dads@Birth is a class that aims to help Dads overcome the fear of childbirth that they may be experiencing. It prepares with strategies for supporting your partner during childbirth for a more ‘Hands on’ approach and less of a redundant bystander experience. The class covers from early pregnancy to postnatal and everything in  between. Also increasing your awareness of options that you might not realise you have, so you can collaborate with your partner to make informed decisions.


The Space..


Dads@Birth classes are run from our home office (Breith HQ) in Mooroolbark, in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. They are set up to cater to after hours and weekends, when most Dads are available, but other times can be negotiated. They are run in small groups of no more than 5 Dads, to ensure a safer more relaxed space. Dads@Birth classes compliment other forms of childbirth education like birth hypnosis and classes run by local hospitals and health care centres.


The Goods..


Dads@Birth classes run for approximately 3 hours in a comfortable, man friendly, home office environment. Refreshments are provided, tea/coffee, cold beverages and delicious snacks. Intermission at half time, toilet and smoking area available. At the close of the class all participants will receive a Dads@Birth show bag, which contains loads of cool samples and relevant ‘Dad’ fliers, booklets and information leaflets. On going support is also available via email/phone and Facebook.


The Deal..


Dads@Birth Classes are currently booking at our AMAZING, UNBEATABLE, FANTASTIC, LIMITED TIME ONLY introductory price of only….

→  $39.95 


The Dates..


The dates of upcoming classes will be updated often, the dates you can book for now are:

 **Sunday August 9th at 1pm

**Sunday August 23rd at 1pm

**Sunday September 6th at 1pm

The form..


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    The Answers..


    Can I bring my partner? No, Dads@Birth is a class run by men for expectant partners.

    What if we’re a same sex relationship? We welcome female birth partners in same sex relationships.

    What if we’re having a csection? Dads@Birth is beneficial for all types of birth.

    I’m not into hippie stuff, is this class for me? Dads@Birth does not conform to any social grouping and is neither ‘mainstream’ nor ‘hippie’ but suited to everyone.

    What if I can’t make it? We do not offer refunds but are quite happy to reschedule to a more suitable date, and are quite flexible.

    The word..


    “Dads@Birth was a very helpful and informative class, I would recommend it to any first time Father to be” – Dad#1

    “Simple factual information from Dads to expectant Dads. Practical advice on how to act before/during/after birth and what kind of expectations to have” – Dad#2

    “The class was good, really helped me prepare for becoming a Dad. It was well presented, informative and I found I could really relate to what was said” – Dad #3  

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